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birdhouse pic
One the rascally squirrels in action
Are those pesky squirrels gettin' ya down?

Sure, I like squirrels as well as the next guy or gal. They have cute bushy tails and appealing big eyes. But do they have to eat up everything? They'll rake your seed out of your feeders onto the ground, gnaw up your feeder and then start on your house. This photo at left shows a fox squirrel in action on our ground feeder. Click on the photo to see a close up of this cute little bugger.

We have tried several different methods of squirrel control:
salmonella bacteria
Keep feeders clean to prevent spread of disease

Food and water put out for birds in the yard can become contaminated with disease-causing organisms from bird feces and can then spread easily among local bird populations. This can lead to an outbreak of, for example salmonella, among songbirds and can even be transferred to humans. This has happened when people contracted salmonella through contact with contaminated bird feeders, dead birds or pets that had access to areas frequented by birds. In has been reported recently that mainly juvenile birds with crusty eyes, tremors and paralysis have been noticed. As a result, some states have, at times, issued orders against wildlife feeding for periods of time until the issue of disease has cleared.

To prevent these problems, Follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting bird feeders and water sources for wild birds:

Here are some other best practices:

These practices are particularly important during fall migration and winter as feeder use increases during those periods of the year.