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Wheezer's Notes: The Tufted Titmouse is a beautiful thing. Feathers are always neatly combed. These birds will frequent feeders for black oil sunflower seeds. They seem to be the most common at ours. They won't stay at the feeder to eat though (normally). They will flit in, grab a seed and flit to a nearby tree limb to eat it. They will hold the seed with their feet and peck away at it to open it. Once opened they will eat the meat and return to the feeder for another. Seems like a lot of trouble for each seed but I guess it doesn't take all that many to keep such a little bird going.

Titmouses or Titmice? Either is acceptable and we have used both here.

Range: Current titmouse range information is at USGS Patuxent Bird Identification Center

More Information About Titmice:
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