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Wheezer's Notes:
Blue Jays are probably the largest of backyard birds. They are often seen in backyards across America but rarely at feeders. They mostly just come for the company, I guess. If you take away their reputation for being mean (maybe not warranted) and just look at them as they are, they are a beautiful bird too. Their large size, though, makes them look a little more ominous and awkward than, say, the delicate, smaller but similar shaped titmouse.

There exists also a Jay called a Green Jay, but they are mostly only seen in south Texas. The Florida scrub jay is seen where? Why Florida, of course! : ) Steller's jays are seen in some areas of mid-west but not the southeastern US.

Range: Current bluejay range information is at USGS Patuxent Bird Identification Center

More Information About Jays:
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