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Wheezer's Notes:
The chickadee is the cutest bird in the bunch. Their small, fluffy bodies and shy, humble disposition make them the favorite of many. Chickadees will frequent a feeder stocked with sunflower seeds. They don't stay long at each visit so watch carefully.

The Black Capped Chickadee is the state bird for the States of Maine and Massachusetts. It is noted that several states have also designated a state game bird and Massachusetts is one of those who designated the Wild Turkey as their state game bird. In general, it's the Blackcapped Chickadee in the northeast and the Carolina Chickadee is the species you will find in the southeast. Visit this link for discussion of the differnce between the two which is not easy to distinguish for the untrained eye. To me, they are more mixed together in the Southeast that most folks might think. I often see a larger longer tailed chickadee, that I believe to be a blackcapped though most of the chickadees I see here are the smaller, shorter tailed type that I believe is the carolina chickadee. Either way, they are both cute as buttons! The poor carolina chickadee did not make it to be anyone's state bird. : (

A Poem:

"The North wind is cold, as cold as can be
but I'm not afraid," says the chickadee.
So the chickadee stays and sees the snow
and likes to hear the North wind blow.

This is the later half of a poem called "The North Wind" by Rebecca Foresman. My father, Olan Phillips, used to recite that poem and that is the only reason I know of it. You can't find it on an internet search. You will only find it here on wheezer's backyard birding pages. It's actually from a book, a basic reader, Elson-Gray, Book Two.

Map at link below shows areas of populations of the carolina chickadee according to the lastest Breeding Bird Survey. Chickadees can be seen in almost all states at various times of the year as they pass through. Here is the breeding bird survey: USGS Patuxent Bird Identification Center
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