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Squirrel Control
Are those pesky squirrels gettin' ya down?
picture of a rascally squirrel Sure, I like squirrels as well as the next guy or gal. They have cute bushy tails and clear piercing eyes. But do they have to eat up everything? They'll rake your seed out of your feeders onto the ground, gnaw up your feeder and then start on your house. This photo, taken 11 June 00, shows a fox squirrel in action on our ground feeder. Click on the photo to see a close up of this cute little bugger.
Some squirrels seem to be particularly bothersome and rascally.  Others will just come by, eat a bit and pass on. It's those rascally ones that I'm after! The plan: trap those rascals, haul 'em more than five miles away and be rid of 'em!
These traps from Hav-a-hart will do a fine job of trapping. The large one is appropriate for those mischievous racoons, opossums, or even stray cats.
Small trap for squirrels and the like
Hav-a-hart Model 1077 Havahart Model 1077 17"x7"x7 Professional model, one spring-loaded door 14x14 gauge wire Skunks, Squirrels, Rabbits. For now go straight to Havahart's page to order. Order from Havahart Store
Large trap for racoons or stray cats
Hav-a-hart Model 1089 Havahart Model 1089  32"x10"x12" Collapsible, one spring-loaded door 14x14 gauge wire Raccoons, Feral (Stray) Cats, Woodchucks (Groundhogs). For now go straight to Havahart's page to order. Order from Havahart Store
We have tried several different methods of squirrel control:

a. Yellin', hollerin' and throwin' rocks and stuff to scare them away (this is the method that cultivates a deep rooted hate for the little rascals. They sort of taunt you. I could see them scampering off a short distance and laughing at me with some of their friends.) : )

b. Pepper and/or various other spices on the birdseed (doesn't work very well, may or may not be safe for the birds, and is a little extra trouble);

c. Safflower seeds instead of sunflower seeds. This is a fairly respectable solution. Some birds don't like the safflower seeds as well though. Safflower seeds are also sometimes difficult to find.

d. The best solution -- trap 'em and cart 'em off. This gives instant gratification through quick clearly visible results, not to mention the opportunity for you taunt the little rascals back for all those taunts and laughs they gave you while you were trying method a. above. Don't miss this opportunity for a bit of revenge just before you release the little devil back to the wild.

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