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photo by wheezer, June 00
photo by sander, Sep 00
photo by sander, Nov 00
Carolina Wren
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Wren Information
Wheezer's Notes:
Wrens are happy little birds. They are liable to nest almost anywhere, including on your front door! We once had them to do so in a decorative wreath hanging on the front door. Wrens won't come to your seed feeders but you will see them regularly in the backyard, flitting around nest building. They will eat our peanut butter concoction smeared on a pine cone or a small hanging log with holes drilled in it.

The Carolina Wren is the state bird for the State of South Carolina.

The range map at right indicates states (colored brown) in which the latest Breeding Bird Survey counted at least some areas of concentrations of Carolina Wrens in excess of 11. Range information is from the USGS Patuxent Bird Identification Center
More Information About Wrens:
State of South Carolina

Carolina Wren Range
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